Low Or No Pressure May Indicate These Problems With Your Pressure Washer


Pressure washers can make short work of large jobs such as cleaning the exterior of a home or a roof in half the time. While these machines are convenient, they are also sensitive to environmental factors and can malfunction if not cared for properly. One common problem that plagues users is sometimes the machine loses pressure. Here are some reasons why this may happen and what you can do to fix them.

Nozzle Problems

More often than not, pressure problems stem from an issue with the nozzle. A nozzle that's too small for the wand will typically result in high pressure spray, while one that's too big will cause low pressure spray. No pressure typically means there is no nozzle on the wand, so you first want to check that you did put one on and that it's the right size.

A clogged nozzle could also be responsible for pressure issues. Turn the machine off, disconnect the nozzle and inspect it for dirt and debris. Use a thin piece of wire or metal such as a paper clip to clear the nozzle and then flush it out with water. Repeat a few times and then reconnect to the washer gun. If the water pressure appears to improve, then continue cleaning it. If not, then the wand may need to be replaced.

Insufficient Water Supply

Another reason why water pressure may be low or nonexistent is the water supply may be inadequate. This can be caused by several things starting with the water source itself. Low or no pressure in your pipes will negatively affect the pressure in the washer. You'll also want to make sure you're using the correct type of hose for your machine (typically a garden hose is recommended), and inspect the hose and fittings for leaks and patch them as necessary.

If the basics seem to be functioning properly, take a look at the inlet valve. This valve helps controls the flow of water to the machine. A damaged valve may be letting air into the pressure washer, while a dirty one may be causing clogs that are preventing the water from passing through the system. Inspect the valve for dirt and clean it out if you find debris. If the valve appears to be damaged, replacing it should fix the problem.

There are several other things that can cause pressure problems with your machine. Contact a pressure washer service and part company for advice and parts you need to fix the problem.



24 February 2016

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