Four Ways to Simplify Your Spring Cleaning Regimen


Even if you look forward to how fresh and clean your home will feel after your spring cleaning routine, the prospect of cleaning your home from top to bottom can be a bit daunting. With these tips to simplify the process, you can tackle your spring cleaning more efficiently and without feeling like you need to pull your hair out.

Hire someone to clean the carpets.

Shampooing all of the carpet in your home is an important aspect of spring cleaning, since the carpet can harbor all sorts of germs and allergens. However, it can take a whole day and a ton of effort to clean your carpets with a home carpet shampooer. Save yourself the hassle by hiring carpet cleaners to shampoo your carpets instead. With their high-powered equipment and knowledgeable staff, they can clean your carpet in just a few hours. This leaves you to focus on other details of spring cleaning. Plus, professional shampooers often do a better job of extracting dirt and grime from a carpet than home shampooers, so you'll get an even cleaner home in the process.

Divide tasks between family members.

If you live with other family members, or even with friends, it is helpful to assign specific cleaning tasks to each person. This way, everyone knows exactly what is expected of them. Nobody can avoid certain chores thinking someone else will do it, or accidentally repeat the same chore someone else already completed. A simple way to do this is to put up a basic marker board. List each person's name, and make a list of tasks under each name. You or the other family members can cross items off as they're completed.

Dedicate a day for spring cleaning.

Making time for spring cleaning can be a hassle when you have a busy schedule. You can simplify this struggle by scheduling a day, a few weeks in advance, when you and other family members focus only on spring cleaning. If anyone else tries to schedule anything on this day, your answer is "no." Spring cleaning takes priority on this day. Even if you don't finish all of your cleaning tasks on this one day, at least you'll be off to a good start—and that should give you the motivation to keep going.

Get rid of stuff first.

It takes a lot longer to clean a cluttered home than a non-cluttered one. Before you even start the actual cleaning, spend some time going through your closets and shelves. Make piles of things you need to throw away and donate. When you do get around to cleaning, you'll have a lot less to work around.


2 March 2016

Learning About Cleaning Services For Offices

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