Getting Rid Of Cooking And Food Odors When Your Kitchen Exhaust Fan Isn't Enough


A kitchen exhaust fan is a vital component of any kitchen as it performs a number of key functions including extraction. The fundamental reason for having a kitchen exhaust fan is because it extracts steam, smoke, air, and cooking smells. It does this by pulling old air in and allowing it to escape through its exterior vents. Unfortunately, your kitchen exhaust fan is not always going to get all of the cooking and food smells out of your home. So, what do you do when those odors linger?

Checking the Functionality of Your Exhaust Fan

First, you need to make sure the exhaust fan in your kitchen is the proper size for your kitchen. The general rule of thumb most experts use is to multiply the square footage of the kitchen floor by two to get the minimum cubic feet per minute output for the fan. If your exhaust fan is too small, it is going to struggle to properly ventilate your kitchen.

After considering the size of your exhaust fan, you need to consider the cleanliness. Your exhaust fan needs to be cleaned on a regular basis in order to work properly. The filters and grease collector screens need to be removed as they pull cooking residues and grease from the air and push them out of the home. In addition to struggling to work properly, an unclean exhaust fan is only going to add to the smell of the kitchen.

Clean the Garbage Disposal Next

Once you've finished with the size and cleanliness of the exhaust fan, you should consider cleaning the garbage disposal as well. If the garbage disposal is full, the smell of the food you cooked could just be stuck in the garbage disposal. Just run the garbage disposal and add a small piece of citrus fruit such as a lemon wedge. This will give your garbage disposal a delightful lemon scent.

Clean Up Immediately After Cooking

After you have finished cooking, you should clean up any food splatters and spills. You should also wash (or at least pre-rinse) the dishes. Not cleaning immediately after cooking is just going to cause the smells to stick, and the food residue will become harder to clean the longer it has to settle into whatever surface it is on.

It is important to keep in mind that burning a candle or spraying air freshener will just temporarily mask the food and cooking smells in your kitchen. You really have to find and clean up the source of the smell in order for it to go away permanently. 

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2 March 2016

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