Live In A Rainy Climate? 4 Ways To Keep Your Carpet Dry And Clean


Tile is an ideal flooring material to have in a rainy climate. Hardwood flooring is decent, but prolonged moisture can lead to warping problems. Carpet is tough to maintain when it rains on a frequent basis, but you may not have a choice, or you may not want to have a hard surface as flooring in your home. To avoid having to replace your carpet prematurely, you should know how to keep it dry and clean all year long.

Use Your Garage as a Drying Station

While you can create an area by the front door for putting things away such as jackets and shoes, you may have a difficult time making a fully functional space to protect the carpet from the rain. It is better to rely on your garage for handling this purpose, which is better because you have more room to work with.

If you have kids that come and go on their own, you should make sure they can open the garage from the outside; otherwise, they might head through the front door and get the carpet wet and dirty. However, you should at least put a large, wall-to-wall plastic mat on the floor to eliminate moisture penetration.

Keep a Jug of Water in the Car

Although you can remove your shoes and clean off any mud or grime before you get inside the house, you should still carry a jug of water in the car. Tap water is fine because the main purpose for having this water is to rinse off your shoes before getting into the car, or you would otherwise track muddy shoes from the car to the garage. It is easier to avoid getting your carpet wet and dirty when your shoes are not dirty upon arrival.

Take Care of Your Rain Boots

If you happen to have rain boots, proper maintenance is essential to keep them effective at their job. A little bit of dish soap, water, and scrubbing should do the trick for exterior cleaning, but the most important thing to do is always store the boots upright to avoid premature wear and tear. By keeping your rain boots in tip-top shape, you can reliably keep your feet and socks dry.

Rinse Your Dog's Paws

It is impossible to teach your dog about the rules of the household. The responsibility is solely in your hands, and the best course of action is to rinse them off after each walk. Quickly rinse them at the garage sink and then thoroughly dry them with a towel before letting them go inside.

It is not tough to keep your carpet clean and dry, even when it is pouring rain, as long as you prepare. However, if your carpet does get dirty, or if it's dirty from past use, you can call in professional cleaners from a company like Go Green Carpet Cleaning


2 March 2016

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