Measures You Can Take To Clean Fabric Upholstered Furniture


If you have upholstered furniture, you probably want to keep it clean. Even a unique, expensive piece of upholstered furniture can look unattractive, dirty and uninviting once it becomes stained. Here are a few measures you can take to clean fabric upholstered furniture:

Before You Start to Clean

Before you start to clean, make sure you have done the following:

Spot Test

Spot test the furniture for colorfastness. You don't want to clean your furniture and ruin it at the same time. Some fabric pigments may run, smear or fade when cleaned. It is best to test an area on the underside of the furniture that is not visible to a general observer before attempting a full cleaning.


Vacuum the furniture before you start to clean. A vacuum can remove loose dirt and dust from the furniture so that once the liquid cleaner is added, it does not lock the dirt deeper into the upholstered fabric.

Remove Cushions

Remove any cushions from the furniture. By removing the cushions, you can more easily access the different surfaces of the furniture. In addition, stains on the cushions can be directly dealt with.

Gentle Cleaning Solution

When cleaning your upholstery, you can use a gentle upholstery-cleaning solution from a local store, or you can make your own. To create your own upholstery cleaner, mix about a cup of warm water with about a quarter cup of clear dishwashing liquid. Be sure to mix the water and the dish soap thoroughly for a consistent cleaning solution. Mixing it should result in the development of a thick foam.

Starting to Clean

When you start to clean, the following should be observed:

Use a soft brush.

Use a soft brush to spread the cleaner onto the fabric. A brush with soft bristles can help work the foam deeply into the upholstery fabric without being too abrasive.

Scoop the foam away.

A spatula or even a large spoon can be used to remove the foam from the fabric without having to dilute the foam with large amounts of water, which could result in shrinkage of the upholstery.

Stay away from the wood.

As you apply the cleaning solution to the upholstery, try not to allow the solution to contact wood accents. Wood can swell when exposed to large amounts of moisture. You could end up with clean upholstery but damaged furniture.

Although minor staining may be removed without the help of a professional, moderate to deep staining is usually best removed by a professional upholstery cleaning service. To have your furniture thoroughly cleaned, contact a professional in your area.


3 March 2016

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