Shopping For An Area Rug? 4 Ways To Maximize Its Lifespan


Tile or hardwood floors are attractive and long-lasting, but you may not want your entire living space to have such a hard surface. It is helpful to make high traffic areas softer to avoid foot pain, which you can easily accomplish with an area rug. If you are in the market for an area rug, you should follow some advice on maintaining it to avoid having to replace the entire rug in a few years due to improper care.

Switch the Rug Around Every Few Months

Area rugs have a distinct advantage over carpet in that you can move it around as you please. Every few months, you should give the area rug a turn or two to even out the wear and tear. Just as how certain parts of your home get more foot traffic than other areas, your rug will have heavily used spots as well.

It is similar to the process of turning your mattress to avoid sagging in one area from constant use.

Rely On Professional Cleaning

Although you are capable of cleaning an area rug on your own, you should get help every once in a while. These professionals can eliminate stains that you have had a tough time getting rid of. It is important to do this because the longer stains settle in, the harder they become to remove. Also, a deep clean is not just about scrubbing with all your might, but thoroughly cleaning the rug without causing any damage.

Get a Vacuum with Useful Features

When you buy a vacuum for your home, you should not underestimate the impact that certain features can have on cleaning quality. A basic vacuum may not have a carpet pile adjuster, which can prevent you getting a strong suction all the way to the bottom of the area rug. If you have multiple area rugs with various piles, you will enjoy having a feature that can help you properly clean them all.

Another feature that you will want to have with your vacuum is an electronic dirt sensor. Instead of going over a certain spot over and over again until you think it is clean, you will get notified with a green light. This can save a lot of time and give you an extra level of satisfaction when the light goes from red to green.

Whether you plan on setting a tight budget for buying an area rug or you decide to splurge, you should know how to take care of it to maximize the value that you get from your purchase. To learn more, contact a professional carpet cleaning company like Jay's Carpet Cleaning


3 March 2016

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