How To Deep Clean Dirty Walls And Floors


Is your home interior in need of a serious deep clean? Are your walls, ceilings and floors ready for a facelift? Luckily, there are some great DIY methods that you can use to thoroughly clean your walls and floors. If you are able to move your furniture out of a room, you can use these methods to freshen up the room. You will be surprised how these basic deep cleans can make your room look much newer. This article explains the best DIY methods for cleaning your floors and walls.

Cleaning Your Carpet Without a Shampooer

Carpet shampooing machines are expensive. You can rent them, but there is one easier and cheaper way to thoroughly clean your carpet. All you will need for this carpet cleaning technique is carpet cleaning liquid, a pump sprayer and a wet/dry shop vacuum. First, you should soak the carpet with the cleaning liquid. To save money, buy concentrated carpet clean in bulk. Then, you can water it down and spray it onto the floor with a simple pump sprayer. Let the cleaner soak into the carpet for about 1/2 hour. Next, it is time to get out the shop vac.

You will need a plain 10",or wider, nozzle attachment. Note: it should not be a carpet attachment and it should not have bristles. You want the plain nozzle so you create stronger suction near the base of the carpet pile. The key is to push down firmly and pull the nozzle slowly across the floor in straight lines. If you are pushing down hard enough, the vacuum will basically suck all the liquid out of the carpet. This should lift most of the stains out of the carpet and restore some of the original carpet color.

Cleaning Your Walls

To clean your walls you will need a pumper sprayer, TSP (trisodium phosphate), car washing sponges and dry towels. You will need to first mix the TSP with water and spray it onto the walls with the pump sprayer. It is probably best to do one wall at a time. After you spray the TSP onto the wall, you should immediately spread it around with the sponges. You can let it soak in for a few minutes, but the liquid will obviously run down the wall, so there is no point in letting it soak for too long. Next, use large bath towels to wipe up the liquid and get the wall as dry as possible.

As you can see, these simple deep cleaning jobs are not too difficult. You can definitely restore a room with these simple tools. Get professional property cleaning services if you need more help.


25 April 2016

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