Gift Ideas To Express Thanks To Your Office Cleaner


Having a clean place of work can make your office pleasant to visit for you, your staff and your customers. It might feel easy to take the cleanliness of the space for granted, but you should remember that when you show up to the neat and tidy office each day, your cleaner (such as one from Atlantic Cleaning Services) has put in long hours to ensure the space is as you've requested. Around the holidays, it's nice to recognize your cleaner with a thoughtful gift. While a note of thanks and a plate of homemade baked goods are sure to be appreciated, here are some other gift ideas that will truly stand out.   

Spa Gift Card

Your office cleaner spends long periods standing and working with his or her hands – a gift card to a spa will open the door for some much-needed pampering. If the cleaner has tired hands from using a mop, scrubbing bathroom fixtures and performing other such tasks, a manicure or a hand massage will be more than welcome before the holidays. Likewise, someone with tired feet from standing for long hours during the work shift will enjoy a pedicure or foot massage. 

Tickets For An Outdoor Event

Office cleaners spend virtually their entire workday indoors, which means that a pair of tickets to an outdoor event will be a welcome way to enjoy some fresh air away. Try to get a sense of what your cleaner might enjoy if you run into him or her occasionally so that you can tailor the tickets to that particular interest. If you don't have this information, something general such as tickets to an outdoor sporting event, festival, fair or food event are ideal to consider.

MP3 Gift Cards

If you've occasionally seen that your office cleaner uses an MP3 player while working, a simple gift idea is to buy a gift card for an MP3 download service. The cleaner will be able to download his or her favorite musical artists, audio books or other such products to enjoy during the workday.


A plant is a fairly generic gift idea, but it can be perfect for your office cleaner if you pair it with the right message. To the end that your office cleaner works hard to make your workplace look beautiful, give a plant with the intention of beautifying the cleaner's home. Include a card with a message such as, "You work hard to make our workplace look great – here's a little something that we hope will add cheer to your home over the holidays." 


5 May 2016

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