Carpet-Saving Tips For The Summer


When the summer heats up, this can bring along with it a whole new host of problems for your carpeting. Keeping carpets free from damage and spills can be a year-round struggle, but there are summer specific pitfalls you might encounter. Here are four problems your carpets might face in the summer months, and tips that can save your carpeting from spills and damage.

1. Increased Entertaining

You might have more time in the summer to entertain guests when the days are longer and people have time off. If family and friends come and stay with you as well, this can lead to extra traffic on your carpets and possibly additional accidental spills. Try to host parties outside if you can. If not, impose a 'no shoes in the house' policy and put down area rugs to catch spills and tracked in dirt.

2. In and Out Privileges

Your kids and pets might be constantly in and out all summer long for sports, playing in the yard, and running around the neighborhood. This can lead to an increased chance of dirt and grime making its way onto your carpets. Designate an entrance over linoleum or hardwood floors for your family during the summer. Get the kids involved to wipe down the dog's paws on his way in as well to keep dirt away from your carpeting.

3. Fading From too Much Sunlight

Summer sunlight can cause irreversible damage on carpeting if you don't take precautions to protect your floors. Stay vigilant about keeping curtains closed in rooms where there is carpeting that might bear the brunt of warm afternoon sun. You will decrease the chances of fading and long-term damages can be avoided.

4. Kids and Projects in the Summer

Kids will inevitably be around the house more once school is out, which can lead to mischief and messes. Kids might want to try out arts and crafts projects or science experiments that are better suited for indoors. Try to guide these types of activities to the kitchen area if possible. If kids will be making messes in their rooms, invest in durable play mats to put down during indoor projects that might make a mess.

Try your best to get ahead of stains as well as wear and tear during the summer months that can wreak havoc on your carpets. The good news is that professionally cleaning carpets during warmer months can be more convenient than other times of the year. If you can wrap up the end of the summer season with a professional carpet cleaning, carpets will dry quickly and you will be ready for the fall.


11 May 2016

Learning About Cleaning Services For Offices

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