Are You Often Busy All Day? 4 Things You Can Do In A Matter Of Seconds To Keep Your Carpet Clean


Whether you work long hours or even multiple jobs, you may not have much time in a day to dedicate to cleaning. So, the smart thing to do is focus on what you can do to minimize the need to clean. Not vacuuming on a regular basis can lead to dirt particles getting deeper and deeper into the carpet fibers. You need to find an alternative that is not going to cost you in early carpet replacement down the line.

Put On Clean Socks or Slippers

It might not seem like a big deal to walk around on your bare feet, but it can lead to dirty carpeting. The oil that your feet produce will get on the carpet and make it easier for dirt to stick to the fibers. Some socks might not do the trick, so you should prioritize thick socks that create an effective oil barrier. An even better solution is to wear slippers that provide thicker and more reliable protection. Putting either one on should only take several seconds, and washing them only takes throwing them in the hamper.

Remove Your Shoes

As soon as you get home, the first thing you should do is remove your shoes. Whether you do it in the garage, before you walk in the front door, or as soon as you enter the home is up to you. The most important part is to avoid contact between the carpet and your shoes. It is impossible to avoid picking up dirt when you wear shoes outside, so you should avoid trying to find another solution to shoe removal. It is ideal to keep a fresh pair of socks or a pair of slippers in all areas where you might take your shoes off.

Shake Your Bedding

When you and your pets sleep in your bed, you are all going to release dead skin cells. They may not seem like much trouble because you cannot see them when looking around, but they are a definite issue. It is also pet hair and sometimes even your own hair that can fall off when you are lying in bed. Shaking your bedding is crucial, but you must do it outside to keep dirt particles from going right back into the carpet.

Use an Automatic Vacuum

If you have a little money to invest, you should consider getting an automatic vacuum. They are the perfect addition for when you do not have a lot of free time to enjoy, especially not on time-consuming chores. Setting one up in the morning and maintaining it when you get home is easy for its cleaning capabilities.

While you should get professional carpet cleaning every 1 to 1 ½ years, you should not underestimate the difference that you can make to your carpet's condition and cleanliness in just a few seconds.


4 July 2016

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