Shoes And Carpeting: Why These Two Common Items Should Never Meet


New carpeting is a joy for homeowners. It is a soft, fresh, clean base that warms the home and makes everything more comfortable. Good quality carpeting can last and look beautiful for years if it is taken care of properly. Annual deep cleaning treatments, vacuuming several times a week, and keeping food and drink away from the carpet are all important steps. However, people can do all of this and still cause tremendous damage without realizing it. The culprit are the shoes people wear. Here are some reasons to make every carpeted home shoe-free.

Increasing Bacteria Risk

Testing has revealed that the exterior of shoes are coated in a number of harmful bacteria. These are germs picked up from walking outside, through public bathrooms and other areas of contamination. The studies also showed that if these shoes came into contact with clean flooring the transfer rate of the bacteria was at least 90 percent. Wiping feet on a doormat is not enough because the bacteria remains even when the mud or dirt appears gone. Carpeting provides a lot of places for bacteria to cling on and because rugs are not mopped like hard flooring surfaces the bacteria remains and multiplies. 

Weighing Down Fibers

Small pieces of stone and minuscule amounts of sand or dirt may seem unlikely to cause damage, but when they shake off shoes and fall into the carpet they become very destructive. All of these pieces of debris act like sandpaper to the fibers of the carpet and cause it to fray and flatten over time. In addition, the moisture in the air collects on the small pieces of dirt and creates a heavier mud-like material that flattens down carpeting. Standard vacuums are not always able to pull out all of this detritus and the result is a worn out, flattened carpet that will not look as flattering as it once did. 

Wearing Out Carpets

The soles of shoes are designed to give the wearer traction and prevent slippage. Those same treads are very abrasive to carpet fibers. They break down the fibers just as the dirt and sand left behind can and cause the carpet to look older much faster than it should. In addition, some black-soled shoes can leave stains behind on the carpet that are difficult to wash out entirely. 

Leaving all shoes at the front door and swapping out to a pair of slippers can make a huge difference for the carpeting as well as the rest of the home. Of course, people must remember to swap out their slippers when stepping outside for a quick trip to the clothesline or the store, or many of the risks will remain. Begin the tradition of a shoe-free home by having a professional cleaning service such as A+ Cleaning Service perform a deep cleaning on all carpeting and upholstery in the home. Install a rubber mat for outside shoes and a separate shoe rack for slippers by the front door and post a note as a friendly reminder to family and guests.  


29 September 2016

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