How To Clean A Chenille Rug


If you have a chenille rug, it should be cleaned regularly. Chenille is a velvet material made from cotton, silk, wool, or rayon. Chenille is such a soft fabric that many people are afraid to DIY clean. It is possible to clean chenille rugs yourself as long as you use care. Here are tips to clean chenille rugs.

Prepare to Work

For this project, you need:

  • work gloves
  • soft brush
  • vacuum
  • bucket
  • white paper towels or white rag
  • gentle laundry detergent

Review the care instructions prior to using any method. Vacuum the rug to remove powdery substances and dry debris. Don't use beater bars on soft fabrics or you will damage the fibers. Raise the beater bar on the vacuum.

Before you use any cleaner, test the reaction on a hidden area. Let the product dry to get accurate results.

Spot Clean

Dampen a rag or white paper towel in warm water. Blot as much of the stain as possible, but do not rub. This will help loosen the fibers for easy stain removal.

Safe cleaners for chenille include carpet spot removers and oxygen cleaners. Ensure the products have no bleach. Avoid powder cleaners on chenille, since the looped piles make removing the product harder. Spray on the cleaning product, and let it set for the suggested time.

Blot the stain again, and rinse the cleaner with a slightly damp clean rag or paper towel. Let the rug dry naturally on a rack or clothesline. Squeeze extra water out, but avoid wringing.

Machine Wash or Hand Wash

Only machine wash the rug if the instructions say it is machine washable. Cold water and the delicate cycle is the safest way to wash the rug. Hot water will cause shrinkage and fading. Wash chenille alone, since these rugs tend to shed.

Pour in about one-fourth cup of detergent. Again, don't use products with bleach. For dark rugs, buy a detergent with special color treatment such as Woolite Black.

Dry the rug naturally. Chenille rugs may look matted after a wash, since it has a thick pile. Run a soft brush, such as soft whisk broom or baby's hair brush over the nap.

Brush against the nap to lift the fibers. If you desire a round or rougher appearance, brush in various directions. To hand wash, follow the instructions for machine washing.

Chenille rugs require regular and gentle cleaning to keep looking good. If you don't trust yourself to clean the rug or it still doesn't come clean, contact a housekeeping service such as Windsor Maid Services.


3 February 2017

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