Tips For Removing Traces Of The Previous Homeowner's Dogs From Your New Home


If you've recently purchased a house that had been the loving domicile of a canine family member or two in the recent past and you or a family member are severely allergic to dogs, there may be a few issues you'll need to deal with in and around the home. Here are three things to do to remove traces of dogs from your home and property.  

Clean the heating and air conditioning units and ducts

Pet fur and dander could have gotten trapped in the ductwork of your home's heating and air conditioning. Ideally, have the ducts professionally cleaned and retrofit a HEPA air filtration system into your heating and air conditioning systems. If this is not financially feasible, purchase HEPA air filters for each vent in the home, particularly in the bedrooms where the family members with allergies will sleep. 

Paint baseboards and walls 

The dogs may have urinated on baseboards and walls in the home. Therefore, you may need to remove the varnish or paint on baseboards and replace the affected portions of drywall if damaged beyond repainting. Sometimes, however, these soiled areas may not be apparent visually. Instead of using your nose to find the soiled areas, use a black light or ultraviolet light to find them. If you are unable to do this without suffering from allergies, hire an interior painting contractor to do it for you. When the urine stains are found, neutralize them with a cleaner specifically formulated for removing pet odors before repainting or revarnishing the baseboard. 

Have the carpeting professionally cleaned 

If you would like to keep the carpeting that is already there, the only way to remove the pet dander and fur that is deeply embedded in the carpeting fibers and foam padding underlayment is to have them professionally cleaned by a reputable carpet cleaning service; this is a definite must-do if the dog(s) have ever urinated on the carpeting. Professional carpet cleaning services can get the allergens out of the carpeting and padding; however, after the carpeting it cleaned, a high-quality odor neutralizer specifically formulated for pet odors may need to be used if the carpeting and underlayment have severe urine odor. 

It's important for the cleaning service to avoid using heat during the cleaning process as heat will permanently set the odor and stain into the carpeting and underlayment. Therefore, be sure to explain that you would like the carpet to be treated for pet and urine odors if it's not fully apparent otherwise. 


6 June 2018

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