Five Cleaning And Maintenance Issues That Are Often Neglected In Large Commercial Buildings


When you manage a business in a large commercial building, you probably pay close attention to the cleanliness and condition of the spaces where customers frequent. Retail areas, offices, and corridors, for example, tend to be kept clean and in good repair. However, the hidden areas of the commercial building, such as storage floors, basements, and inside the walls, are often neglected. Out of sight, out of mind -- there is merit to this statement! Here are five specific cleaning and maintenance issues that you may be neglecting in your large commercial building.

1. Duct Cleaning

The HVAC system in the commercial building is responsible for carrying heated and cooled air throughout the space. A series of ducts run through the walls and above the ceilings to take air from the furnace or boiler to the vents. Over time, these ducts can grow very dirty, which poses a few issues for a commercial building:

  • Dusty, musty odors may spread through the building.
  • Allergens like mold spores may be deposited in public spaces, causing sneezing and itching among staff members and visitors.
  • Dirt can work its way into your HVAC equipment, causing it to become less efficient and to break down sooner.

Make sure you have a commercial cleaning company address your ducts about once a year. Even if they do not clean the ducts annually, they should check them to keep track of the level of soil so they can be cleaned as needed.

2. Roof Vents

Commercial buildings have large roofs, and if these roofs are not properly ventilated, heat can build up in the upper floors of the buildings, leading to structural damage and uncomfortably high temperatures. Your building probably has enough roof vents, but they may be blocked by insulation or clogged with dirt, allowing less air to pass through than needed. Make sure you have the vents checked and cleaned out annually.

3. Sewer Vents

The waste pipe systems in commercial buildings can be very complex, and they have to carry a lot of waste down into the public sewer system. To ensure waste travels through the system easily, the sewer system is fitted with a few vents, which allow air to escape, preventing a suction vacuum from forming in the sewer pipes. These vents, which typically exit on the roof, can become clogged with leaves, branches, and even birds' nests. If the toilets and sinks have not been draining properly, clogged sewer vents are a likely cause. Have the vents cleaned before you worry about having a plumber clear the actual sewer pipes!

4. Drapes and Windows

Windows in a commercial building are typically hidden behind blinds or drapes, so the dirt that accumulates on the windows may go unnoticed. Blinds and drapes themselves are often allowed to become dirty, too. The downside to this is that when a breeze blows through the building or the heat turns on, dust can be picked up form the window treatments and carried through the building, causing allergies and sneezing. Dirty windows are also increasingly prone to damage. Make sure your cleaning company cleans the windows and drapes at least quarterly.

5. Drain Pipes

In a commercial building, drain pipes are typically neglected until there is a clog. But having a sink or toilet back up is not going to create a good impression with visitors. Arrange to have drain cleaner poured into the drains every few months as a preventative measure. Enzymatic cleaners are a lot easier on the pipes than chemical drain cleaners, and they continue working for a few weeks after they are first applied. 

For more information, get in touch with a company that offers commercial building maintenance services.


22 October 2018

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