Spring Cleaning? Rent A Dumpster


Spring cleaning is essentially a tradition in many families. You go through the house cleaning and tidying up areas you barely address otherwise. You might also do some maintenance tasks, like changing your air filter or changing the smoke detector batteries. These are all good ideas, but if you want to take your spring cleaning to the next level this year, then consider renting a roll-off dumpster. Here's a closer look at the benefits of doing so and how to manage it.

Benefits of renting a dumpster for spring cleaning

As much as you know you need to get rid of things, it can be so tempting to just leave them in the back of the closet when you know you have to try to squish them in a small trash can or dispose of them a little at a time over a few weeks. When you rent a dumpster, you can get rid of everything all at once. There won't be any trying to squish one more old toy into a trash can with a lid that won't close. You don't have to set things aside and remember to get rid of them later, either.

Renting a dumpster also allows you to clean out those big items that would never fit in the trash. Things like the smelly old couch in your basement and the oven that has not worked in years can finally be gone!

How to rent a dumpster

You might think the idea of renting a dumpster for your spring cleaning is strange if you've only ever thought of dumpsters as being for construction purposes. But rest assured — most dumpster companies are used to renting to homeowners doing clean-out projects. Call up a local company, tell them what you're doing, and they'll probably ask you a few questions to determine which size dumpster to rent to you. 

After that, you'll tell the dumpster rental company when to drop the unit off. Make sure there is space in the driveway; grass is not usually stable enough. Generally, rental companies will give you a certain number of days up-front. If you need to keep the dumpster for longer than that, you can typically pay a bit extra to have it around longer. 

Then, all there is left to do is fill it! Make sure you pay attention to the list of prohibited items the dumpster rental company gives you and load the dumpster from the back to the front for safety. Your home will be spring clean in no time! If you have more questions or concerns, try visiting websites such as United Material Management, Inc. to learn more.


14 December 2019

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