5 Areas Where Water Damage Can Hide In Your Home


Mopping up the water and drying all the visible surfaces isn't enough to prevent water damage. The worst damage usually occurs in areas you can't easily see, which is why it helps to bring in a professional damage service. 

1. Wall Voids

Between the layers of drywall that make up your home's walls lies a void that can't be easily seen or accessed. It's not uncommon for water lines running through this void to leak and cause water damage. Floodwaters, whether from external sources or broken pipes, can also breach this space and lead to hidden damages. Sometimes damage can only be found with the help of moisture meters and mold testing.

2. Ventilation System

Water and moisture from its evaporation all too often make their way into a home's ventilation system after a flood occurs. The damage can be invisible unless you have a duct inspection, but the result of said damage can't be ignored. Mold will grow inside the system, which will then be pumped out and circulated in the home where it will reduce air quality and lead to health issues unless a damage crew cleans out the vent systems.

3. Insulation

Insulation acts like a sponge when it is exposed to moisture, which means it can remain damp long after everything else had dried out. Wall insulation can be exposed to water damage during a flood or if a pipe breaks, but attic insulation can also be damaged in the event of a roof leak. If ignored, the material loses insulation value, and it can harbor a lot of dangerous mold growth.

4. Sub Floors

It can seem as though one got off easy with water damage if it occurs on tile or other hard flooring that can withstand the water exposure. Unfortunately, water can seep beneath the waterproof floor covering and damage the plywood subfloor beneath it. This can lead to a warped subfloor that will eventually cause the floor covering to crack or come loose, or it may result in rot and mold. 

5. Under Fixtures

Water damage can hide beneath appliances and fixtures. Common spots for such damage is around a toilet floor flange, beneath a dishwasher, or under the fridge. Other installation can also be harboring damage. For example, it's not uncommon for rot and mold to occur beneath a leaking shower pan or beneath cabinetry following a flood. 

Contact a water damage restoration service if you want to avoid hidden damages in your home. Go to websites about water damage restoration to learn more.


21 October 2021

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