Removing Stains From Concrete


If you have a concrete walkway at your home or business and it has sustained some staining from a chemical spill, you likely want this eliminated to help boost the appearance of this area. Here are some steps to follow to remove stains from a concrete surface.

Remove Loose Debris First

Before you get to work at removing the stained portion of your walkway, any loose debris that had settled upon the surface needs to be removed in its entirety. Use a push broom to remove dirt, natural debris, and any trash that landed upon the walkway. For spots where cracks or stamping is present, use a leaf blower to remove the debris easily.

Assess The Walkway To Locate Stains

Perform a complete assessment of your entire walkway for the presence of stained areas. This way, you will not need to repeat the cleaning steps again in the future, but instead will be able to conduct the process in one session. Walk slowly, back and forth from side to side checking the entire surface for stains. Mark any found stains with chalk so you can find them easily. This washes away during the cleaning procedure.

Use A Cleaning Agent

Concrete cleaning agents are found at home goods and hardware stores. Make sure the cleaner you select specifically indicates that it is used for concrete. Apply the cleaning agent directly to stained portions using a scrub brush. Use a circular motion when applying to ensure the agent reaches all parts of the stain, as concrete is porous in nature. Allow the agent to remain in place according to the time specified in the product instructions. To remove the cleaner, use a pressure washer. This provides a steady stream of water and the impact of the force of it hitting the cleaner will whisk away stains with ease.

Contact A Service If Necessary

If a stain has been in place for a long time, it may not be removed after one session of cleaning. You can try the process a few times to lighten the stain. If it does not fade away, contact a professional concrete cleaning service for help. This type of service has special cleaning agents that handle the removal of all types of stains on a concrete medium. They will leave you with a walkway that appears renewed, pristine, and new.

For more information, contact a concrete cleaning service.


21 December 2021

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