A Few Important Tips For House Power Washing


If your house looks dirty and neglected, it could be time to have it power washed. You may want to power wash your home to freshen its appearance or to get it ready for the market. You might want your house power washed to clean it before painting. Whatever the reason, power washing can transform the appearance of your home. Here are a few important things to know about power washing your house.

Hire A Professional 

Hiring a professional power washing company is usually a good idea. A professional knows how to control the pressure so no damage comes to your home. Plus, they know how to keep from driving water behind your siding or damaging doors and windows. 

Control The Equipment To Stay Safe

Part of staying safe when power washing your home is knowing how to control the wand on the power washer. If you let the pressure wave the wand wildly, the water could contact a power line, crack window glass, or even knock you off of a ladder.

One of the surprising things to learn when you rent or buy a power washer is how it can be difficult to use to get the results you want without streaking or getting hurt.

Use Cleaning Solutions To Make The Job Easier

A power washer alone can get rid of all kinds of dirt and stains, but it might be gentler on your siding if cleaning solutions are also used to break up dirt and algae first so it can be rinsed away. Cleaning solutions can be applied with the power washer and allowed to sit to do their work.

The important part of using the cleaners is to make sure they are rinsed thoroughly so they don't leave residue behind. The cleaners should also be rinsed before they dry so there is a lower risk of residue streaking.

Choose The Right Weather Conditions

You'll probably want the right weather conditions for power washing. You can probably hire a house power washing company any time of the year, except for freezing cold days. However, spring and fall are the best seasons for power washing your home. That's because the temperatures are milder.

If it's too hot and your house is in full sun, the cleaning products can dry out too fast that they don't have time to work. Plus, if your house dries too fast, streaks could be a problem. You may want to have your home power washed each spring when you undertake other spring cleaning projects around your property.

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8 February 2022

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