Including Carpet Cleaning In Your Spring Cleaning Routine


Carpet cleaning is an excellent service to incorporate into your spring cleaning routine. With a clean carpet, your whole home will smell fresher and look fresher. And spring is the perfect time to tackle this task since most carpets get extra dirty over the winter when people are indoors more often. If you do wish to incorporate carpet cleaning in your spring routine, following these tips will help.

Schedule well in advance

You're not the only one who wants to have their carpets cleaned in the spring. It's a busy season for carpet cleaning companies, and appointments fill up quickly. So, make sure you call and schedule your appointment well in advance of when you want the carpets to be cleaned. This will afford you more flexibility and options.

Wait until you've done your other spring cleaning

You want carpet cleaning to be one of the last spring cleaning tasks you tackle. As you dust shelves and furniture, wash windows, and wipe down your walls, dust and debris are going to fall onto the carpet. If you leave the carpet cleaning until last, all of this grime and debris will get cleaned up in the process.

Choose a warm day, if possible

If possible, wait until a little later in the spring to have your carpet cleaned, and opt for a day that's clear and sunny. This way, you can open the windows after your carpet has been cleaned. Doing so will increase airflow through the home and allow the carpet to dry more fully. If this isn't possible, don't worry too much. Professional carpet cleaning equipment sucks most of the water out of the carpet, so even with the windows closed, the carpet should dry within a day or two.

Stay off the carpet afterward

After the carpet is clean, stay off of it until it is completely dry. This is especially important in the spring when you're likely to have pollen and pet hair on your feet. If you walk over the carpet when it is wet, any debris on your feet will stick to the carpet and be harder to remove. Once the carpet is dry, if this debris is introduced to the carpet, it will come up more easily with vacuuming.

Carpet cleaning will make your spring cleaning routine more thorough. Hiring a professional is usually your best option, and the tips above can help with that.


14 March 2022

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