Tips For Preserving Your Wedding Gown


If you would like to preserve your wedding gown, or maybe the gown your mother or grandmother wore, you are going to need to do some specific things. The last thing you want to do is just shove it in the back of a closet because it will surely age poorly over the years. Here are some tips you can use to help get you started:

Get The Dress Professionally Cleaned

Even if it looks as though it is perfectly clean, it needs professional cleaning by a dry cleaner before it is put away in storage. This is especially true if the gown was worn for any length of time because whoever wore it will have left natural oils on the fabric. If those oils are not cleaned out of the dress, they can cause yellowing of the fabric over time.

Use Fabric Dress Bags

You want to protect the dress and keep it free from dust while it hangs. However, you cannot just put it in any dress bag. You want to steer clear of plastic dress bags because those are not breathable, meaning moisture can build up in there and you can end up with mold on the dress. Mold cannot always be cleaned out of fabrics without some staining left behind. Instead, use a fabric bag so air can circulate. You can also use cardboard boxes to store the dress. No matter what you use for storage, you want to keep the dress away from high heat and away from sunlight. Store the wedding dress in the back of a dark closet. You can even slide the dress box under your bed.

Never Use Metal Hangers

If you do intend on hanging the dress, use hangers that have thick padded fabric. Never use those old metal hangers. The metal can cause discoloration on the dress and they really do not support a lot of weight. Invest in a quality wedding dress hanger if hanging it is your plan.

You can also check with the wedding dress shop owner for some additional tips and tricks that you can use in order to properly preserve the dress. The more effort you put into storing the dress properly, the longer it will stay in excellent shape. Who knows, you might be able to pass it down to someone else in the family when they decide to get married. 

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14 April 2023

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