The Transformation Of A Hoarder's Interior Living Space


Once a hoarder has come to terms with their compulsion, they may be ready to transform their interior living space. A clean-up service provider will assist with the daunting task of sorting items, disposing of items, and disinfecting surfaces.

Project Guidance

A project manager will provide support throughout the cleaning process. Before any surfaces are deep-cleaned, a manager will need to assess the inside of a home. They will determine the square footage of a residence, plus will consider how many items are stored within each room.

This initial assessment will influence the type of waste containers and haul-off services that will be needed to conduct the clean-up project.


A cleaning crew will be assigned to take inventory of what is in each room. During this process, the owner of the items will be present. One room will be addressed at a time. As the crew sifts through the items, the owner can verbalize whether they would like to dispose of an item or keep it. If a possession is in good shape, but the owner would like to get rid of it, they may choose to donate it. 

Active Disposal

The project manager will oversee the disposal of items. They may rent dumpsters and trash-hauling vehicles to store and transport waste items. Some hoarding clean-up service providers supply their company vehicles for the transport process.

A cleaning crew may have access to a heavy-duty vehicle that they use for all of the clean-up projects that they tackle.

Garbage will be bagged up and stored within the waste receptacles that a project manager supplies. Once each room within a home has been emptied, the waste materials will be transported and disposed of. This may involve dropping items off at a landfill or a recycling facility.

The person who oversees the disposal process will ensure that items are disposed of in a responsible manner.

Sanitizing Strategies

The final part of the clean-up process will involve sanitizing surfaces. While a hoarder was actively storing items in their home, dust likely accumulated. A cleaning crew will wipe surfaces and vacuum upholstery and floor coverings.

The crew will treat stained fabrics and other surfaces that are discolored. Commercial cleaning equipment is used to deep clean materials. A cleaning crew will use specially-formulated cleansers that are tough on stains.

Once the cleaning process is complete, the owner of the residence will be supplied with a safe and sanitary interior living space.

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19 May 2023

Learning About Cleaning Services For Offices

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