5 Benefits To Hiring Upholstery Cleaners


If you have an older chair or couch that is really starting to show signs of age and wear and tear, you may be wondering what to do. The good news is that you don't need to get rid of the items in question. Instead, you can hire professionals to help you make your furniture look great again. Professional upholstery cleaning companies can do the work quickly and easily. Keep reading to learn the benefits to hiring upholstery cleaners:

4 August 2018

Tips For Removing Traces Of The Previous Homeowner's Dogs From Your New Home


If you've recently purchased a house that had been the loving domicile of a canine family member or two in the recent past and you or a family member are severely allergic to dogs, there may be a few issues you'll need to deal with in and around the home. Here are three things to do to remove traces of dogs from your home and property.   Clean the heating and air conditioning units and ducts

6 June 2018

Work From Home? 3 Tips For Arranging Carpet Cleaning


When you work from home, it's so important that you take care to keep the space as clean as possible. Arranging routine carpet cleaning can take a weight off of your shoulders regarding keeping your home clean and ensuring that the space is a productive place for you to work. If you have found yourself not having much time to spend towards cleaning, it can be a good idea to take care of arranging routine carpet cleaning by a professional.

12 April 2018

Three Ideas For Greener Carpet Care


Your carpet occupies quite a lot of space in your home. So the way you care for it really plays an important role in determining your overall carbon footprint and environmental impact. If it's your goal to reduce your burden on the planet and live in a more sustainable manner, try employing these three ideas for greener carpet care. Use plain baking soda for deodorizing. If you look on the label of most carpet deodorizing powders, you'll notice than the main ingredient is baking soda.

27 February 2017

How To Clean A Chenille Rug


If you have a chenille rug, it should be cleaned regularly. Chenille is a velvet material made from cotton, silk, wool, or rayon. Chenille is such a soft fabric that many people are afraid to DIY clean. It is possible to clean chenille rugs yourself as long as you use care. Here are tips to clean chenille rugs. Prepare to Work For this project, you need: work gloves soft brush vacuum bucket white paper towels or white rag gentle laundry detergent Review the care instructions prior to using any method.

3 February 2017

Shoes And Carpeting: Why These Two Common Items Should Never Meet


New carpeting is a joy for homeowners. It is a soft, fresh, clean base that warms the home and makes everything more comfortable. Good quality carpeting can last and look beautiful for years if it is taken care of properly. Annual deep cleaning treatments, vacuuming several times a week, and keeping food and drink away from the carpet are all important steps. However, people can do all of this and still cause tremendous damage without realizing it.

29 September 2016

How To Use Your Carpet Shampooer To More Effectively Remove Deep Odors From Your Carpet


Carpet can look beautiful in a home and feel plush under your feet, but its primary downfall is that over time, it tends to grab onto odors. Whether due to pet urine, walking across the carpet with dirty feet, or dropping bits of your dinner a few too many times, carpet odors can be tough to remove. Thankfully, you can use a home carpet shampooer to help you out. Follow these steps:

21 September 2016

Need Routine Office Cleaning But Want To Keep Costs Down? 3 Simple Tips To Follow


Running a successful business with happy employees has a number of requirements, and one of them is providing your workers with a clean office at all times. While small offices can run as little as $20 to $30 each visit for cleanings, you may have a lot space that must be cleaned regularly. But, saving money is sometimes just as important as making money, so you may want to keep the costs to a minimum.

11 August 2016

Three Services You Should Have Completed Before Moving into a Home That Has Been Vacant


Moving into a home that's been vacant for a while can be a great deal financially, but it's important to remember that the home will probably need some attention and cleaning before you inhabit it. Here's a look at three services you'll want to have performed before moving in. Air-Duct Cleaning As the home has sat uninhabited, dust and dirt have likely built up in the air ducts. If you turn the air conditioning or heating on, this debris will blow out and get all over your home, possibly causing allergy symptoms and surely making your possessions dirty.

25 July 2016

The Abcs Of Hiring A Home Cleaning Service For An Elderly Relative With Alzheimer's Disease


Simply performing the everyday care of an elderly loved one can be a lot of work, which means there can be little time for cleaning. While hiring a cleaning service to help you keep your family member's home clean is a good idea, there are special rules involved when your relative has Alzheimer's disease. The last thing you want to do is allow strange people in the home to clean and cause them any disconcert.

15 July 2016