Three Ideas For Greener Carpet Care


Your carpet occupies quite a lot of space in your home. So the way you care for it really plays an important role in determining your overall carbon footprint and environmental impact. If it's your goal to reduce your burden on the planet and live in a more sustainable manner, try employing these three ideas for greener carpet care. Use plain baking soda for deodorizing. If you look on the label of most carpet deodorizing powders, you'll notice than the main ingredient is baking soda.

27 February 2017

How To Clean A Chenille Rug


If you have a chenille rug, it should be cleaned regularly. Chenille is a velvet material made from cotton, silk, wool, or rayon. Chenille is such a soft fabric that many people are afraid to DIY clean. It is possible to clean chenille rugs yourself as long as you use care. Here are tips to clean chenille rugs. Prepare to Work For this project, you need: work gloves soft brush vacuum bucket white paper towels or white rag gentle laundry detergent Review the care instructions prior to using any method.

3 February 2017