Problems You May Face with Clogged Gutters


Are you the owner of a relatively large home? Does it seem like you're constantly pulling leaves and other debris out of your gutters? If you have an extensive gutter system, it can be tempting to skip cleaning them out every so often. Unfortunately, that may not be a very good idea. Here are some reasons why. Basement leaks: Your gutter system has been designed to move large amounts of water from your roof to a point away from your foundation.

14 July 2016

How To Clean Tile And Grout Lines


Tile is a very durable and long-lasting product. Of course, this does not mean that it does not require regular maintenance. In fact, if a tile floor is not properly resealed every few years, you run the risk of an unstable floor, loose tiles and even mold problems. Most of these are actually caused by the grout line deteriorating due to failure to keep the floor sealed. The grout is usually the first thing to go.

8 July 2016

Are You Often Busy All Day? 4 Things You Can Do In A Matter Of Seconds To Keep Your Carpet Clean


Whether you work long hours or even multiple jobs, you may not have much time in a day to dedicate to cleaning. So, the smart thing to do is focus on what you can do to minimize the need to clean. Not vacuuming on a regular basis can lead to dirt particles getting deeper and deeper into the carpet fibers. You need to find an alternative that is not going to cost you in early carpet replacement down the line.

4 July 2016

Carpet-Saving Tips For The Summer


When the summer heats up, this can bring along with it a whole new host of problems for your carpeting. Keeping carpets free from damage and spills can be a year-round struggle, but there are summer specific pitfalls you might encounter. Here are four problems your carpets might face in the summer months, and tips that can save your carpeting from spills and damage. 1. Increased Entertaining You might have more time in the summer to entertain guests when the days are longer and people have time off.

11 May 2016

Avoid These Common Mistakes When Cleaning Your Office


If you own a business, you might decide that you want to keep the office clean on your own. Unfortunately, when you are in charge of cleaning it yourself, it often leads to some common mistakes. Here are some mistakes to try and avoid so that you can have a clean and disinfected office. You Clean the Windows on the Wrong Day When you are cleaning the windows, either inside or outside the windows, you need to make sure you don't clean them on a hot or sunny day.

10 May 2016

Gift Ideas To Express Thanks To Your Office Cleaner


Having a clean place of work can make your office pleasant to visit for you, your staff and your customers. It might feel easy to take the cleanliness of the space for granted, but you should remember that when you show up to the neat and tidy office each day, your cleaner (such as one from Atlantic Cleaning Services) has put in long hours to ensure the space is as you've requested.

5 May 2016

How To Deep Clean Dirty Walls And Floors


Is your home interior in need of a serious deep clean? Are your walls, ceilings and floors ready for a facelift? Luckily, there are some great DIY methods that you can use to thoroughly clean your walls and floors. If you are able to move your furniture out of a room, you can use these methods to freshen up the room. You will be surprised how these basic deep cleans can make your room look much newer.

25 April 2016

Tips For Cleaning, Stripping, And Staining Your Deck


When your deck looks worn out and run down, you can restore its beauty by cleaning, stripping, and staining the surface. It's an easy job you can do on your own, and should take about a day to complete. These tips can help the job go smoothly. Testing The Deck Start by dripping some water onto your deck and see how the wood reacts to it. If the water beads up on the wood, it means that you still have a good finish on the deck.

20 April 2016

3 Reasons To Hire A Move-Out Cleaning Service


A move-out cleaning service can help renters leave their rental in the best possible condition when they move out. Listed below are two of the reasons to hire a move-out cleaning service. Increase Your Chances Of Getting Your Deposit Back The biggest reason to consider utilizing a move-out cleaning service is to try to get your deposit back. In order to have a good chance of getting your deposit back, you are going to want to make sure that the apartment is as close as possible to the condition it was in when you moved in.

9 March 2016

Three Ways To Tell If Your Water Damage Situation Requires Professional Remediation


Storm damage, natural disasters, plumbing malfunctions, and more can all cause water damage to your home and belongings. But if the damage is minor and you can clean it up quickly, you may be able to get by without the help of a professional damage remediation company. It's the medium-sized cases that may cause the most puzzlement; if you successfully cleaned up your last burst pipe problem but this one's a bit worse, how can you decide whether or not to call in the professionals?

3 March 2016